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Plaintext DAW

DAW12: Tauri filepicker

Wow, who knew how easy it was to pick files using Tauri! Not only do we pick a file, but we pick a plaintext-daw song file AND invoke Python from Tauri, all in just a few lines of code.

DAW11: Generating a Tauri Project

In this video, we generate a Tauri project and get it running. Nothing crazy, we just add a new button to print something to the console. Also, a look at the roadmap, what's next, and how Tauri can interact with our existing Python CLI.

DAW10: ResourceManager is DONE

At last, we've finished refactoring all the code into a single, well-tested ResourceManager class and updated the CLI to call this new code. All tests are passing; we have some new code debt, but that's okay for now.

DAW9: Advanced TDD with Pytest

In this video, we use patch.object to test that other methods in the class are called while keeping the test scoped to a single unit - true unit tests!

We also continue to apply Test Driven Development (TDD) to create our ResourceManager class, which will serve as a great foundation for the application when it's complete.

DAW8: New arch, new me

In this video, we review/merge some PRs, then get started implementing a new architecture. The first order of business is to add a ResourceManager to handle all the complex things we do to load wav/mp3 files and generate sounds using our Synth.